The availability of qualified staff to work on the rapidly growing national dairy herd has been noted as a limitation for some time. In response to farming lobbying, The Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation introduced a new scheme which granted a small number of work permits to Non-EU people to work specifically on Irish dairy farms in 2018.

After some initial delays, farm staffing agency Farm Solutions announced the arrival over the weekend of it’s first person under this scheme. He is 25 years old Agricultural graduate, Oleh Nabok with international dairy farming experience from Sweden and the USA . At the company induction training in Enniscorthy today, a delighted Oleh said he was thrilled to be in Ireland and that he was looking forward to getting his new job started on a dairy farm near Cork city this week.

Farm Solutions Managing Director, Joe Rowe said that Oleh was the first of a planned 20 people to be brought in by Farm Solutions over the coming months. We are bringing in some more Ukrainian people with excellent European dairy experience but we also have some experienced Filipino people with very useful New Zealand dairy experience arriving. He congratulated the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation for introducing this permit scheme and said that it presents a very important source of new skilled dairy farming staff to Irish dairy farms. He encouraged them now to increase the number of permits available from the 50 that was allocated for the initial trial.

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