Our expertise

With strong demand for farm staff at all levels, this is an ideal time to make your move to a better job, a better farm and a brighter future….

With over 40 years of experience we continue to successfully place workers on a diverse range of farms, particularly dairy farms.

Working in partnership with you, we discuss your skills and experience to date and define your job requirements. From this insight we will ensure to get you the best new job role for you.

The key to our success is having a full understanding of your job role needs and aspirations and our commitment to best practice at all stages of the recruitment and selection process.

Our aim is to support you at every step of the way as you make this important change in your career and the impact it will have on your life; be assured we have the expertise to do so and pride ourselves on our friendly and professional approach.

  • Contact us!

    The first step is to contact us by applying for a specific vacancy using the contact form provided for your convenience with each vacancy,




    by using the Registration Form here,




    by contacting us by telephone, email, or any of our social media channels, all contact details are available here.

  • Registration – Initial Screening

    You will be contacted as soon as possible by our recruitment team who will take all necessary details, carry out an initial assessment of your suitability for farm positions, register your details and put your application forward for consideration by our Regional Managers.

  • Regional Manager Interview

    One of our Regional Managers will contact you for an in-depth discussion of your skills and experience to date and define your job requirements. All our Regional Managers have significant experience in the Agri sector and the benefit of an established network of current and new clients/farmers looking for staff. This enables us to successfully find and match the best job/farm to your needs.

  • Client/Farmer Interview

    Once we are confident of a possible match between you and a job role/farm position, your work history and other pertinent details will be put forward to our client/farmer. Please note none of your personal details will be shared with any of our clients/farms unless an invite to interview for the particular job role applied for is offered and, of course, we have your permission to do so. Following interview a short trial period / farm visit may be offered to you.

    Support and guidance with regard to the provision of a suitable CV to clients/farmers, assistance with interview preparation, travel to interview, attendance at interview and feedback after interview will be provided by our Regional Managers and our recruitment support team.

  • Selection and Offer

    Once the client/farmer have made their selection decision and chosen who they believe to be the best match to fill their job role, they notify our Regional Manager. The Regional Manager will then contact you and make the job offer to you, agree a start date and issue contracts/terms and conditions to both you and the client/farmer.

  • Induction

    On an agreed date, our Regional Manager visits you at you new place of work and meets with you and the client/farmer. The Regional Manager will ensure explanation and completion of all necessary administration and induction procedures to include set up on our payroll system and the fortnightly timesheet/pay cycle, sign off of contracts and terms and conditions. This Regional Manager is then the key contact for you for all your queries, concerns and any feedback you have at any stage.

  • Successful Placement

    Your placement will be subject to the successful completion of a probationary period, the duration of which will be outlined in your contract. Payment will be made to you every fortnight following the completion and sign off of required timesheets. All terms and conditions and payments made to you will be fully compliant with the necessary legislative requirements. Your Regional Manager is there to support you in your job role as necessary.

At Farm Solutions, we pride ourselves on our proactive, partnership approach at all stages of service provision. The advantages of working with Farm Solutions are many and we would relish the opportunity to talk them through with you when you contact us. They include:

Security of wages – guaranteed fortnightly payroll

Allocation of a Regional Manager to each worker to provide support and guidance and liaise with client/farmer as appropriate

Long term placements on the same farm, no requirement to regularly move from one farm to the next to the next…

Our client/farmers are carefully assessed. We visit the farms, see the working and living conditions,

No self-employed status workers, payroll, income tax etc. processed by Farm Solutions

Farm Solutions provide a friendly, practical and straightforward service to all job seekers and those successfully placed on our clients’ farms in a professional and efficient manner with a focus on fairness and respect for all.

We look forward to a successful partnership with you.