Farmers urged to bear safety in mind for Storm Emma and to keep water pipes insulated. Farmers are being urged by the Department of Agriculture to take particular care in relation to their own personal safety and that of family members as the country braces itself for the so-called ‘beast from the east’ Storm Emma.

The Department has said safety should remain paramount during the difficult weather that is forecast.

When herding livestock in remote areas, farmers are advised to ensure that somebody knows where they are and that they stay in contact.


The more significant effects for farmers concern the provision of water, shelter and feed to livestock, whether housed or being outwintered.

It is essential that water pipes in the farmyard and also leading to outside water troughs are properly insulated and prevented from freezing up, the Department advises.

This is particularly important at this time when cows are calving and sheep lambing, giving rise to a heightened demand for water.

It also advises:

  • In the case of sheep flocks, it is essential that they are brought to a sheltered area during the worst of this event.
  • In order to ensure a safe working environment and also facilitate the movement of essential goods on to and off farm, the farmyard and its environs should be fully gritted or sanded.
  • All machinery should be correctly stored, maintained properly and, where necessary, heating should be provided to ensure that milking equipment and other critical plant does not freeze up.
  • Finally, all those working on farms are urged to take particular care in relation to their own personal safety and that of family members, which should remain paramount during this difficult weather.


List of Emergency Numbers


Report these dangerous situations immediately by calling 1850 372 999.

Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine:

Animal welfare helpline on  0761 064408 or direct line 01 6072379.


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