Vigilance is Required on Farms During the Busy Summer Months.

Caution has been urged working with tractors, vehicles and machinery on farms, with new analysis showing they were a key factor in 80pc of deaths this year.

Dr John McNamara, Teagasc health and safety specialist, said one death or injury is one too many and vigilance was needed with the busy summer work season and school holidays on the horizon.

In the first five months of this year five people have lost their lives in farm accidents, compared with six in the same period last year, and 12 in 2014.

“Reversing the recent trend of farm deaths, due to knock-downs or being crushed by tractors and machinery, will only be achieved by strong farmer vigilance,” he said.

“Farmers should also pay particular attention to parking tractors safely, applying the handbrake and lowering hydraulic equipment, to reduce the safety risk to themselves and others.”
-Indo Farming, 7th June.

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